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All Time Stats Keep Me Humble

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Wouldn’t I love to think that the most profound posts I write would garner the most attention and the most comments? But the truth is so humbling; the posts I write for fun, or in a hurry have long legs, or so WordPress tells me, and gather up statistics year after year.

I never know, when I write an article, what its future will be. It’s not unlike giving birth – you can input, but you have no control over who that child will be or where he/she will go.

God has the most wonderful sense of humor.

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LOL at Notice to Sue

Today I got this notice:

Dear Admin,

Myself Majed M Garoup, senior legal Executive. We need to bring a serious concern infront of you regarding an article which you have posted on your blog The article which you have posted contains defamatory content about our country. It has some news which is not relevant and also having some wrong statements about the country which is purely illegal. Publishing this kind of half true matters through online is a punishable offense. Before posting any article about a particular country you need to verify those things to us. You need to ask the story from both the parties while publishing such kind of articles. But we haven’t recieved any such calls or mails from your side. Posting such news without proper confirmation from the relevant party is a serious crime.And you are a blogger and don’t have any rights to publish this kind of news on your blog. So this page should get remove imediately from your blog otherwise legal action will be taken against your wordpress blog for posting defamatory content and half true matters on your blog which is spoiling the reputation of our country.

Link to the article :

Majed M Group
Senior Legal Executive.

Majed M Garoub

The post is a reprint of an article on labor abuse in Qatar from a Lebanese paper. I guess he’s feeling a little touchy; Qatar is getting a lot of unwelcome publicity lately for labor abuses. How is that for a country whose labor laws give everyone except household help a day off?

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“Keep Me Signed In”

The other day I noticed something really, really annoying. My blog opened without my having put in the password. I noticed the little “keep me signed in” bloc was checked, so I unchecked it. Every time I sign in, however, that block is checked – by default – and unless I think to uncheck it, I stay signed in.


I do not like this default. I went through all the tools and user informations trying to change it in the background operations, then I wrote to WordPress. This is the conversation so far:


Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 10.18.22 AM

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Happy Anniversary from WordPress

LOL, WordPress even sent me a congratulations

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 3.17.38 PM

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December Snow!

Have you noticed? It’s December, and suddenly all WordPress blogs have snow drifting across the front page, unless you request that you NOT have snow, which is an option.

I love the snow! Move your cursor, watch the snow drift in different directions. If you stay on one page long enough, it starts to accumulate at the bottom of the page. 🙂

Shortly after New Year’s it goes away, so enjoy it while you can.

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Statistics Anomaly

Yesterday, I had over two thousand hits on the blog, after a year of sliding statistics, which I attribute to being less interesting now that I no longer live in exotic locations, post the Kuwait sunrise (I used to have a loyal clientele of Kuwaiti students off at university who loved seeing the sunrise in Kuwait every day), and that blogging is not so new and exciting. I’m not blogging as conscientiously as I used to – I don’t have the time I used to have.

This morning, as I check the blog, I can see I have almost as many hits by nine this morning as I had yesterday. It makes me smile – here is what the most hit-upon posts are:

Ramadan is coming! Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem to all those waiting so eagerly for Ramadan to begin.

Last night we had a big dinner for my Mom’s birthday, and got to hear a shred of conversation I wanted to share with you. I was sitting next to an old family friend, famous for asking questions that will start a conversation that could last the rest of the evening, and across the table was Little Diamond, my niece, actually now Professor Diamond. 🙂 If we were German, we would call her Professor Doctor Diamond 🙂

Our friend asked her what had surprised her the most about teaching on the college level and she answered that as she is teaching her culture classes, she brought up plural marriages, and it was simply a non-issue. She said there are a couple of shows, Sister-Wives and Big Love, and all the kids have seen them and know what plural marriage is all about – at least in the United States. She said it was a big change, that plural marriage used to be a hot topic, but now, not-so-much. It was fascinating.

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The Christmas Lights of Pensacola

Last night, after our son and his family left after dinner, AdventureMan had a gleam in his eye. (No! not that gleam!)

“Want to go out and look at the Christmas lights?” he asked.

“Oh! Yes! Yes!” He knows I love the lights.

Pensacola isn’t so over-the-top as the Tampa Bay area used to be. Pensacola uses a lot more white, a lot less music and moving displays. Pensacola is more restrained, and more traditional.

Just so you will know where I am coming from, here is my favorite:

Thoughtful, restrained, elegant. There are a lot of this kind of display, and I love them. I also love the others, although many are more exuberant. There seem to be a lot of white deer, and . . . some of them move their heads. Yes! I am telling the truth!

Some people just get totally into the spirit of the season, and go all out. Here is a sampling of what we saw:

I can’t help but find this funny; Frosty the snowman and the Creche juxtaposed:

Along with Santas on rockets, LOL!

This is a Christmas Snoopy as an aviator on top of his doghouse. What does it have to do with Christmas? LLOOLL!

A lot of people are using balloons, with varying results. Santa on a motorcycle, Santa on rockets, all kinds of balloons, problematic because sometimes balloons loose air.

Here are Santas, and then a Santa loosing air, LOL

I love the way WordPress has put snow on all the blogs for December (you can turn it off if you don’t like it) but with these photos, snow falling is perfect. 🙂

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WordPress Special – Post by E-mail

New function out today by WordPress: Post by e-mail where you create a secret address, and can send a message to that secret address WITHOUT OPENING A SPECIAL SERVER – like from your office, you can send a post from your office computer, even when WordPress is blocked. It gets published, just like that.

Pretty imaginative new function!

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Fighting Pornography

For the last week, I have been beset by some of the filthiest spam I have seen in a long time. Most of it goes straight to spam, thanks to WordPress’s effective filters, but occasionally, one passes. I think there is a major effort going on to test the filters and see what can get through. It puts pressure on me to check the blog frequently and eliminate anything I see that is inappropriate.

Most of this spam takes you to pornographic sites. I hate porn. It degrades those who indulge. It gives people an unrealistic idea of what sex is all about. It infects normal relations with unrealistic images and expectations. And those images are engraved on your brain, spoiling what is good and beautiful, smearing it with what you have taken in on those sleazy websites.

I have said it before and I will say it again – those women and men are PAID. They are doing those things because they were PAID. The animals are doing it because they are forced – as are some of the humans. It is like prostitution – no, yours is NOT the biggest they have ever seen, they are saying that because you are PAYING them.

That is fantasy. If you get your head straight, reality is 100 times better than this degradation can ever be.

You have a choice. Please choose NOT to support these websites, which are trying to appeal to the very weakest parts of your character. These websites are not just a crime against women and children – they are a weapon against the goodness of your own character.

I am now spraying this blog against filth. You are warned.


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WordPress Incoming Links

Something is weird with my Incoming Links – most of them aren’t blogs I recognize, and when I check them – they are not linked to me at all. Very weird. I have to guess that WordPress is doing some experimenting in the background, and that they don’t know the bugs unless we all tell them.

My Categories seem to be OK, now. I changed them back one more time, and this time it stuck, but . . . that was weird, too.

On the whole, almost every change WordPress makes, makes my blog run better / faster / smarter. The only thing I hate is when they come up with a new way to upload photos – it may work better, but the agony of having to learn a new process just when I have gotten really good at the current one bugs me! 🙂 I’m just not that flexible with technical things.

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