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Getting Started Blogging in Kuwait

Honestly, don’t do this at home. Don’t do it like I did it. I am SO slow, I watched different bloggers, I read my favorites, I even read bloggers I really didn’t like. Did I say I am really slow? I have been reading different blogs for about a year.

Finally, inspired by two Kuwaiti women who blog – Jewaira and 1001 Kuwaiti Nights – I decided to explore what it takes to blog, so I looked at both e-blogger and WordPress. Actually, I looked several times. What is really scary to me is that you click something and Voila! here is how you sign up. I ended up with a blog and didn’t know half of how they function, even after all this time exploring. I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out, and the train has left the station . . .

Technicalities – how do you put something in an entry so that others can just click on that entry and go there? Why do some bloggers have such gorgeous pages; I don’t see “gorgeous pages” as an option under presentation? I don’t think I understand “trackback” at all, even though I have read the explanation on WordPress several times. And how do feeds work? (You don’t have to answer these, these are just things that still puzzle me.)

Blog ettiquette – if you want to put someone else’s blog on a sidebar, do you write and ask them if they mind?

I’m sort of glad I was forced to jump. . . I could spend a lot more time exploring and never understand how it’s done. To me, it’s all about communicating. I can see that other blogs have other purposes – self-exploration, religious prosletizing, attracting friends, political commentary, talking tech stuff, talking food, talking children, talking health . . . Mostly mine will be travel, books, current issues . . .any insights will be accidental.

If you have suggestions for this blog that are technical, please use small, very clear words and short sentences!

September 16, 2006 - Posted by | Communication, Kuwait, Uncategorized


  1. I am so pleased to see that you have started a blog! šŸ™‚ I see you’ve caught the bug at last.
    It’s all trial and error and that is the joy of it. I hope you enjoy your journey.

    Comment by jewaira | September 16, 2006 | Reply

  2. welcome šŸ˜€

    dont feel bad about not knowing stuff,… i still dont know how to make a proper title so its a title.

    and you dont really have to have a purpose, altho it might help get a core group of readers. all i know is mines all over the place, which probaly is a more accurate reflection of myself than i could ever explain šŸ˜›

    happy blogging šŸ˜€

    Comment by sknk | September 16, 2006 | Reply

  3. Thank you both! Jewaira, you have been in my prayers. Wherever you disappeared to, I am so glad to see you back. Sknk, thank you, too, for your kind words of encouragement.

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 16, 2006 | Reply

  4. I think it’s great that you’ve started to blog and I am more than flattered that I was partly what inspired you šŸ™‚ Regarding gorgeous templates, I don’t know about wordpress but I do know that the standard templates on offer at Blogger are BORING. What you can do at Blogger and I assume also at wordpress is take a standard template and play around with it. This would entail looking at your template settings and changing lines here and there and then clicking on preview so you can see which line means what in the page. This is how I managed to manipulate mine because I don’t know jack about creating a homepage. Best of luck to you!

    Comment by 1001 Nights | September 17, 2006 | Reply

  5. Hmmmm. . .. .words too big, 1001 Nights . . . .mind in turmoil . . . chaos building. . . .oh no! oh no! mind gone! . ….

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 17, 2006 | Reply

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