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More Chilis!

We just got back from Fehaheel, where we ate at the new Chili’s at the Al Manshar Mall. It’s always a debate – brave the traffic on Gulf Road to the Towers or brave the traffic going south to Fehaheel. Tonight we thought we would take a chance, see if the new Chili’s had opened there. We can always hit Paul’s at Al Kout as a fallback.

It was open! It’s only been open for a week, and they haven’t made any big announcements while they break in the new serving crew. The food was reliably good – we had the bottomless chips and salsa, and my husband had the Bacon Cheeseburger while I had the Chicken Ceasar – good. Quick, well served, and good.

The manager tells us another group of the Chili’s restaurants – Johnny Carino’s, Chili’s and (something else) will also be going into the Kuwait Magic Mall in 2007. Takes a little of the pressure off the Towers Chili’s.

The Rotana Hotel hasn’t opened at the Al Manshar Mall, nor has the Villa Moda, but the parking is already dismal. And the traffic in Fehaheel is nearing the same aggressiveness and gridlock as in Salmiyya. You CAN park across the busy road at Al Kout Mall and brave the crossing to Al Manshar with no cross walks or lights to help you.

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WordPress Blockage + Website Unblocked

I’ve been fiddling all morning and I can’t get onto WordPress through Safari. Checking around, I can’t look up any of my favorite WordPress blogs on Safari today – Jewaira, Africa Blog, Sociolingo – nothing happens. All kinds of other things are working, though, including a site that has been blocked for months – Go Fug Yourself.

It’s not what it sounds like. It’s an unfortunate name. It’s a very funny, nasty, mean-spirited blog about fashion mistakes. Did I mention it is very very funny?

I pity anyone who wants to be a celebrity. Imagine having to look perfect 24/7 and occasionally not getting it right. These critics are merciless. Did I mention they are also hysterically funny?

Every month, I write a note to QualityNet saying they’ve made a big mistake blocking this site, that it has NO sexual content, and, in fact, mocks and scorns women who show too much of their “lady parts”. I was shocked today to see it is no longer blocked!

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