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Shaking My Head

Today, two bloggers found my blog by typing “is mayonnaise made of turkey sperm?” It’s bad enough if it were only one, but two??

Lord have mercy.

(Shaking my head in despair)

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Good Outcome – Check Your Boats!

Today, on my way home from grocery shopping, I was at a stoplight, and a guy with a boat was trying to enter traffic from a boat parking lot on the gulf. All of a sudden, the tarp covering the back of the boat was boiling and twisting, and then, just as the truck was starting to enter traffice, out from under the tarp popped a frantic, scrawny little black and white cat, desperate to escape. He twisted himself out from under the cover, hit the road, and fortunately chose to dash in the direction of the boatyard, not the traffic.

The guy driving the truck with the boat attached never even knew what had happened.

If you have a boat that you keep parked out where cats might think it a good place to catch a snooze, you might want to check inside your boats before you drive away. At least this little cat was able to escape back into his known territory. Other little cats might not be so lucky.

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Saturday Low Statistics

Saturday mornings are also a little slow for me, so this morning, as I looked at my statistics, I thought I saw a pattern. I counted back every seven days, and, sure enough, every week my statistics take a small dive on Saturday.

I am guessing that the quality of what I publish doesn’t vary that much, but that the majority of my readers come from places where they have a Saturday – Sunday weekend. Saturdays are always busy days for getting things done – getting the new garden in, getting shopping done, bringing in the groceries for the week, if you are a working Mom, going hiking or boating or some activity you can’t do during the work and school week . . .

Last night we visited friends who had just accomplished a major project in their garden here – transferring palm trees. It took a crane and a whole team of people to dig the huge holes, dig the trees out of one spot and transfer them to another. What an undertaking!

It was one of those lovely evenings in Kuwait – our friends were relaxed and enjoying the glow of having accomplished a major task, the evening was soft and sweet, and the fire glowed with eucalyptus wood. I came home smelling so good, and knowing it was one of those evenings I will long remember. Kuwait in February – the sweetest time of year.

Tomorrow is Kuwait’s National Day, and the day after that, Kuwait Liberation Day (from Saddam’s troops), so the Kuwaitis are enjoying a four day weekend at this sweet time of the year. Some have taken holidays in connection with the five day weekend (somehow Saturday became a weekend day, too, because it is sandwiched between the Thursday-Friday weekend and the Sunday-Monday holiday) and made it a full nine or ten day holiday.

Happy Holidays to all our Kuwaiti friends.

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