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Cauliflower Salad

With the warm weather coming back in, it’s time for nice cool salads again. Cauliflower is expensive in Kuwait – most countries where I have made this, it is reasonable, but in Kuwait, I guess it is very special. Probably because it is more of a cold weather vegetable. You can get it here, but even in the markets, it is dear.

Ladies seem to like this one a lot more than men do, or at least AdventureMan doesn’t like it, but it disappears in a heartbeat at a ladies lunch:

1 head lettuce
1 head cauliflower, broken into small pieces
1 lb bacon, fried crisp and crumbled (in Kuwait, use beef or turkey, and make sure it is crisp!)
6 green onions, sliced, especially the green parts

Blend together:
2 cups mayonnaise
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese, grated

Layer lettuce, cauliflower, bacon and onion in large salad bowl. Spread dressing over the top. Seal with Saran-type wrap and refrigerate overnight. Toss just before serving.

(In the interest of waistlines, I usually use a cup of non-fat yoghurt in place of one cup of mayonnaise; it isn’t quite so rich but the difference is barely discernible.)

(In Kuwait, mix up the mayonnaise, sugar, parmesan cheese first, and give it plenty of time for the sugar to melt; sugar in Kuwait is not refined as finely as in the US, and sugar grit in the salad dressing is too distracting!)

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Goat Grope

I love living in Kuwait. Just when you start to take everything for granted, you get a little jaded, you even start driving a little like a Kuwaiti, something happens that reminds me I’m really not in Kansas, and I get a big grin. The other day, on a back highway, we came across a whole herd of camels. We used to see these all the time in Qatar, but this is my first time seeing camels just out roaming in such large numbers in Kuwait. Just reminds me how amazing life is, this little girl from Alaska is out watching a camel herd in Kuwait. Just too amazing for me.

In the middle of the most opulent housing areas in town, you will hear roosters crowing. Sometimes, near the Eid festivals, you will hear sheep baaaaaahhhhhh-ing.

Leaving a local store recently, I heard a very very loud, desperate cry, like “NNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and I looked around and there was a woman, and her son, and a very reluctant, very large, totally freaked out goat. The little lady has one of those camel whips, and she is whipping the hell out of the goat, the son is pulling on the muzzle, the goat has his feet dug in and is rearing back and howling for dear life.

Goats really are not my favorite creatures. I find them very . . . hmmmm.. . . . goaty. They have these filthy beards that always have stuff caught in them, they have these weird cold eyes that sort of pop out of their heads, and there is nothing cute about them, but this goat’s screaming really got me. At the same time, watching these two grown-ups with this very very stubborn goat made me laugh. To get the goat across the road, the son had to pull with all his strength, and the little old woman had to get behind and push. I wish I could have taken that photo, but I was busy turning my car around to go back and get any shot I could get.



And THAT is why I tell you to always carry your cameras in your car!

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Sweet and Clear


The morning dawned sweet and clear, it is 50°F / 10°C and there is no dust! No dust! If there is one thing a dust storm is good for, it is that it makes us truly appreciate how sweet it is when there is NO dust storm.

Looking at the forecast for the rest of the week, it is soon approaching 90°F – March is the great transition between winter and summer. It happens too fast for me, I wish for a few more weeks of the temperate weather, when we can go out and walk and breathe the cool air (when it is not a dust storm.)

People are already talking about putting away their winter clothing.

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