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Summer Sunday at the Pike Place Market

We have a great favorite tradition – hit the early service, 0800 – what my friend calls “speed church”, the one hour service instead of the longer family services – and then head straight for the Pike Place Market. Things get started there slowly on a summer Sunday morning, and we even found a free parking space – totally amazing.

First stop is breakfast at Campagne. We don’t have reservations, but they find a place for us:

The sun breaks forth and the market is teeming with people by the time we are finishing up:

In the 1970’s, the market was a little run-down and shabby, and many business people wanted to raze it and use the space for office buildings. Seattle residents said “NO!” and instead, the market was revitalized. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the city, and a lively spot every day of the week.

A long time ago, before the big Seattle fire, my family lived just up the street from this market.

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