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Regional Crime

I know it is “crime” but this small article in today’s Al Watan made me smile. It is such a far cry from drugs, overdoses, knifings, rapes and abductions – smuggling nightingales. I don’t know why, it just makes me smile:

KUWAIT: Customs officers foiled an attempt that was made to smuggle 6 hawks and 55 nightingales coming from Iran in a wooden boat. Inspection supervisor, Khalid AlـFailakawi said: “The birds were hidden in a secret compartment, and owner of the boat confessed that he tried to smuggle the birds in order to sell them in Kuwait. And he also does not have any legal or health documents regarding his concealed shipment.” The necessary legal actions are being taken against the man who attempted the smuggling.

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Out of Control

I can’t help it, I watch my statistics. I watch them even though they are totally out of my control. The truth, as I see it, is that when I write, mostly I write about things that interest me, and when I think I am writing about something that interests you, I often get it wrong.

Some of the best posts come out of nowhere. As my friend and I were leaving downtown heading home the other day, we passed the ruins, and the light was so good and the ruins so begging to be photographed, I jumped out and – literally, snapped some shots. I had my friend waiting patiently in the car, I didn’t want to be perceived as photographing the British embassy and all the security problems that could involve – so I was snapping and snapping quickly, without a lot of thought or effort, and that post is another one of those which my commenters then helped write, and helped educate us all. The same is true with several posts – ones that I just toss off, or tiny news items I share with you end up getting huge hits months later – totally out of my control.

Every year, the day after Christmas, my statistics take a huge dip. The first year, I was shocked and discouraged, the second year, I was disappointed, but this year – ho hummmm. They are now creeping back up to where they were, and I just have to put this all in God’s hands – I can call this “my” blog, but I have to laugh at how all I really can do is to provide content, and then trust that it will go where it is meant to go.

Today the statistics showed that I have passed 2,000 blog entries. This one is 2002. People have made almost 14,000 comments.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing experience. Some of you I have come to know as you comment regularly, some of you I have conversations with in the background, a very few of you know me in real life and give me material for some of the posts, and some, I am guessing, are Kuwaiti students away at university who hunger for a glimpse of home and check in for the sunrise over the gulf and weather. The vast majority of you glance through, and never stop to say hello. (Aaarrgh!)

My very favorite posts are the ones YOU help write. You share information, you correct my erroneous impression, you give me ideas where to go for further research. You share your photos. You share your recipes. You share your grandparents’ stories. Thank you. Thank you. Please come back often. 🙂

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Struggle-to-Get-Up Sunrise

I can tell it is warmer – barely. It is 48F/8C and not a few degrees less, like before. It is still pretty chill, especially if a wind blows. Qatteri Cat and AdventureMan and I have piled on the blankets, but oh, it is a struggle to get up on these cold winter mornings.

Looks like the sun is having the same problem.


In spite of the slow start, it is going to be much warmer today, so be sure to have a lighter weight sweater under those heavy coats with which you will start the day.

Have a great day, Kuwait, and a great weekend, too! 🙂

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