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Sunrise 28 March 09

Yikes. Almost a quarter of 2009 gone already? Yikes.

The Gulf is as smooth as glass once again today, people are out looking for little fish or shellfish to add to their Kuwait bouillabaisse, and the roads are quiet. It is another perfect day in Kuwait.

It’s clear. Not a lot of haze, I can see almost to the horizon . . . but I am having trouble breathing. I don’t have asthma, or I don’t think I do, but some days I wake up feeling like I am not getting enough oxygen, and this is one of them. I don’t understand – no dust storm, no nothing, but I feel like a goldfish whose water needs changing.

The temperatures this week are perfect – not a too-hot day in the bunch, all just right for picnics and sitting outside for coffee at night. Pure heaven.


Did you see that? Tomorrow we have 100% chance of precipitation? How often do you see that; weather people so sure that they will say 100%? I think I would say 95% just to be on the safe side, LOL.

We had eight drops on our windshield on the way to church yesterday. AdventureMan called it torrential. He says in Kuwait, eight raindrops equals a torrent. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Have a great day, Kuwait.

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