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Sealine Resort, Doha, Qatar

Qatar just isn’t that big. You can take a day trip, and actually, it’s more like a half a day trip, or even an hour trip. AdventureMan wanted to find his way to Wakra and to the SeaLine Resort, and I wanted to see the big dunes, not as big as in Namibia but pretty impressive, with their sinuous lines.


There are about a hundred different vendors renting out ATVs for racing across the dunes, even in this heat, and it was not easy finding virgin sand dunes, untracked by ATV wheels. We went on an ATV dune safari in Namibia, out of Soussesvlei Lodge, and it was fantastic. I love ATVs. I expect that anything that is so much fun can’t be good for you. It’s probably bad for the dunes . . . anyone?

When we got to Doha before, six plus years ago, I rented a limo and driver to take me and Little Diamond out to the resort and dunes. He kept showing us things on the way, like Wakra, etc. and we were a little restless. But it only took like 20 minutes, even with all the sightseeing, and we were there. We ran up the dunes, we looked for seashells, we walked in the sea, we did everything – and we were back in Doha by 11 in the morning. We laughed – we hadn’t realized, looking at the map, how close it was. The driver must have thought we were crazy.

Sealine also looked a little seedy to me – then. This time when we drove up, it looked very different. It looked all spruced up. The people working there had on clean, neat looking uniforms, and they looked like they were doing their jobs. We took a look at the chalets (cool) and at the villas (also cool) right on the umm. . . errr. . . SeaLine! Waves rolling up, almost to your doorstep – it is pretty lovely. We were planning a stay there when we noticed multiple vehicles at most villas and chalets – and whereas we love to go to sleep to the sound of waves, we kinda thought hmmm. . . this could be a place where the party starts around midnight.

It’s beautiful.

This shot is taken from the main section of the hotel, but to each side, where the chalets are and the villas are, the sea is almost right on your doorstep.

Qatar is a conservative country. There are separate areas for men who are not accompanying their wives and children.


And there is a whole different kind of beachwear! (I blurred the faces to protect their privacy.)


As we were leaving, we spotted two little Qatteris finishing their brunch with gusto!


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Missing Day

I knew I was coming down with something Thursday when I just felt uncomfortable, but by Friday morning, I knew I was sick. You know how it feels when all you want to do is sleep? Your head is thick and your innards are gurgling? I think I must have had the flu. Or food poisoning. I’m still not entirely well, but it feels good enough just to feel normal again.

I slept most of the whole day yesterday, while AdventureMan unpacked his boxes and got things put away, tiptoeing in now and then to ask if he could bring me something. The Qatteri Cat kept close by, cuddling up, comforting me while I slept. If I hadn’t felt so rotten, it would have been a nice day.

In one of those management tests that enjoy a flurry of popularity and then drop into obscurity, I once learned that I am primarily motivated by achievement. It’s probably true. The thing I hate about being sick, apart from the being sick part, which was/is pretty awful, is that I haven’t gotten anything done. Today AdventureMan got the cat scratching post and the cat furniture put together. I ate a banana. Even just writing a post is stretching my limits today.

It feels like some kind of flu, but I don’t think I have a fever, and I seem to be recovering fairly quickly. Insh’allah . . . I think I’ll go back to bed now. 🙂

We had such grand plans for this weekend, the first one in a long time where AdventureMan is home for two days. Happy Fourth of July!

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