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Apartment Building Coming Down

Expats have their own shorthand, we understand one another when we talk about Doha, although the locals would not have a clue what we are talking about. So I will tell you that this apartment building was newly built at-the-end-of-Indian-Crafts-Street, you know, where the Christmas shop is – and those expats who have lived in Doha for a while will know exactly where that is.

They never even put the glass windows and balcony doors in – at some point, they must have gotten word that all this will come down for the new Dohaland, or Heart of Doha – a revival of the historical district of Qatar.

I won’t complain. I love what they did for the Suq al Waqif, which has been reinvigorated by the new life injected with the restauraunts and cafes. The same shops line the interiors, only now they have more and varied customers.

it just seems like there might be more co-ordination. This apartment building should not have even been started. I hate waste.


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Temperatures Coming Down

I gasped when I saw the temperature this morning on Weather Underground:


Not even 90°F! A cool 86°F! Wooo HOOO, the temperatures are seriously coming down.

Here is the expected high in Doha today – you cannot imagine, this is a seriously LOW temperature after a blistering summer:


I’m not exactly breaking out the snowsuits, but lower temperatures will make the upcoming month of Ramadan more comfortable for those who are fasting.

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