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Al Maharah, Souk al Waqif Hotel

I got it half right. I was good taking photos until our main courses arrived, but when we got to Al Maharah, there were only a few groups. I took all the photos before there were a lot of people there. But the truth is, when our main courses – the seafood skewers – arrived, they were so good, I forgot to photograph them.

The secret is out. The food is SO good!

It was one of those wonderful nights in Doha when it isn’t so hot anymore, there is a breeze blowing. No, not a cool breeze, a comfortable breeze, and all of a sudden, all you want is to be outside. We roamed the souqs, making a purchase here and there, until we got to the hotel. We had actually intended to eat somewhere else, but the food in the hotel just looked so good.

The service is friendly and attentive, without being intrusive. They get five stars right off the top for striking that balance.

The menu is in Arabic and English, and has beautiful photos to help you decide what to order. We were totally tempted by the soups, but knowing we will be back, we both ordered the salad bar and the Mixed Seafood Grill Skewers. Oh WOW.


The restaurant is beautiful and serene. Several tables were reserved, and pre-ordered arrangements of hors d’oeuvres were being set out in beautiful serving dishes. We were so tempted to snatch a bite on our way back from the salad bar – the arrangements were artistic and tempting.


The Seafood Bar:

Part of the Salad Bar:

Our salad plates – they had so many good things!

They also had piping hot fresh out of the oven bread, Yumm!

The only problem is that the restaurant is right by one of the souk exits, where you pay for parking. Because everyone is so important, and jockeys for non-existent places in the line which has formed, it can be a little exciting sitting next to the window, not knowing if the yahoo who is trying to edge his way into the line even has a driving license. There is a fabulous terrace on this hotel; I wish the restaurant were up on the terrace area!

After dinner, there is also a dessert bar, or you can order a la carte. We couldn’t eat another thing, but it sure is tempting:

Not only will we go back, we will take our friends, especially now when being outside is so divine! It was a lovely, elegant evening, the food is reasonably priced. We didn’t see any wine being served, so if that is important to you, you will probably be better off at one of the more western hotels. And – get there early if you don’t have reservations. By eight, every table was taken.

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  1. The title fooled me, I was amused with the idea that even in Doha there is Al-Mahara market (old Yemeni market for cheap clothes and textiles) just like in here. It made me ponder how much we are essentially alike and the common destiny and common history is deeply rooted in all aspects of our lives even though times have drifted countries apart due to politics. But it turned to be Al-Mahhara as the seashell 🙂

    The place looks exquisite and the food is sinfully scrumptious, those images made me drool and I have to run to fix me something to eat.

    Lovely pictures.

    Comment by Touche' | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am so glad to see you. I know you all think that now i have left Kuwait, I don’t think of you any more, but I do. When I don’t see you, and when you haven’t posted for a while, I worry about you. Here is my worry – you have this secret, the love you have compartmentalized from the rest of your life; but when you have things compartmentalized, they seep. It’s not like a safe, it’s more like a membrane that keeps it enclosed, and it leaks out into the live you currently live. I worry about car accidents, I worry about how it may influence your current relationships, I worry that it may hold you back from participating fully in your life. That compartment, as special and precious as it may be, can be holding you back from fully committing to the life God gave you, and the purpose for which he created you.

    You are so talented, Touche. So talented. Your best revenge is to live your life exceedingly well. You never know what may happen in the years of your future. Your love could be restored.

    Glad you liked the post, and I didn’t know that Mahara was seashell! Or that there was a market in Yemen by that name. The Souk al Waqif hotel is one of those specialty / boutique kinds of hotels, small, exquisite. We love these kinds of places, and I bet you will too.

    Comment by intlxpatr | November 16, 2009 | Reply

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