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“Cross-Dressing” in Qatar – Girls in Thobes? Gutras? Egals?

When I read “Cross Dressing ‘on the rise in Qatar’ in today’s Gulf Times, the article below was totally not what I expected.

What do you think this ‘abnormal behavior’ might be? Girls wearing white thobes, with gutras and egals? Or girls wearing jeans? Girls wearing pants? Maybe girls wearing t-shirts, or pantsuits?

This article would be hilarious were it not so sad. The ‘abnormal’ girls are to be secretively counseled. That sounds very very scary to me.

Cross dressing ‘on the rise in Qatar’

As much as 70% of girls who have taken to cross dressing remain adamant and refuse to give up their abnormal behaviour, says a report published in the local Arabic daily Arrayah.

Quoting the director of the Abdullah Abdul Ghani centre for Social Rehabilitation in Wakrah, Buthaina Abdullah Abdul Ghani, the report says that the phenomenon of cross dressing seems to be on the rise in Qatar and other countries in the Arab world and abroad.

However, in Qatar it is not an alarming situation but efforts to redeem this misguided lot should continue persistently, she said.

The problem has to be tackled carefully and secretively since many of these girls refuse to come out of their closely knit circle. The centre had announced a programme of counselling for these girls.

Highlighting the reasons for the spread of this phenomenon she mentioned lack of parental control, programmes on the satellite channel that seek to encourage wrong values in life and the illusion of being independent in life.

This problem was the subject of a debate in the monthly Lakom al-Qarar TV programme a few months ago. The deputy chairman of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development said in his concluding remarks that this problem is a serious menace to society.

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The Garden Restaurant ReLaunches in Najma!

For those of you who miss The Garden restaurant which used to be on Karabaa / Electricity Street, there is a new one opened in the Najma area! From today’s Peninsula:

DOHA: The Garden Group of Restaurants has relaunched their exclusive vegetarian restaurant “The Garden Annapoorna” in Najma on Friday, January 1, as a New Year gift to all the residents of Doha. “This restaurant was actually a part of our old restaurant at Shara Kahraba which had to he terminated due to the acquisition of the area for government projects,” said a group spokesman.

“I am glad to inform our loyal customers that we are now opening their favourite vegetarian restaurant at Najma. The operations timing will be from 6am to 3pm and from 4pm to 11:30pm,” remarked Yoonus Salim Vappattu, Managing Director of The Garden Group of Restaurants.

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