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Happy Birthday, Happy Baby!

Today the Happy Baby is 6 months old. He is sitting, and pre-talking, and laughing and about to start school! He will be in a start-up program that actually begins educational formats at a very early age.

My son and his wife are having a birthday party today. 🙂 No, I haven’t heard of a 6-month-birthday party before, but what a great idea! Most grandmamas loves opportunities to give her grandbabies presents!

I found one book that is hilarious – and since we are all readers, and we want Happy Baby to be a reader, too, we start early. I have found that one of the secrets is buying books that adults will like, too. This one is about a zookeeper, whose zoo follows him home at night after closing. 🙂

If you teach a child the habit of reading, you get a bonus. You get a child who can keep him or her self occupied, and you get a child who can discuss books, ideas and characterization. It may be a challenge sometimes, but it’s a good challenge.

And this one, I am sure, is the kind of toy a grandmama can give a baby because she knows he will love banging on it, even while I suspect mama and papa will groan in horror:

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