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Zorba’s at Cordova Mall

I have to admit I am not a big fan of food court eating, but we were at the mall looking for 18 month pajamas with feet, and AdventureMan had seen Zorba’s and wanted to try eating there.

Zorba’s does a great business; all the health and fitness people were buying lunch there. I will also admit that the food court at the Cordova Mall has some pretty good choices; it is a step-up from most food courts and their standard fast-food outlets.

I ordered Chicken Schwerma, and it came with hummus and a small green salad. It wasn’t really like chicken schwerma, which is usually sliced off a huge revolving kebab in tiny thin slices, this was larger grilled chicken pieces, but it tasted good, and that is way more important that having it look like real schwerma.

The hummus was good. The salad was good.

AdventureMan ordered a side of Baba Ghannoush, which we both love. This one was delicious and smokey, the way we like it.

He also ordered a felafel sandwich, and he said that the felafel were homemade, not prepackaged, and the sandwich was delicious.

We don’t eat french fries. Most of the time it is easy not to eat them, most places buy huge packages of frozen ‘french fries’ and fry ’em up as they are needed, but they are anonymous and boring and not good.

Unfortunately for us, the felafel sandwich came with fabulous french fries, big french fries fried in a good oil, so they were delicious. Yes, I tried one. It was hard not to eat more than one!

All in all, a better than expected meal from a mall food court. LOL, the Egyptian server behind the counter kept thinking AdventureMan was Lebanese. 🙂

October 23, 2010 - Posted by | Eating Out, ExPat Life, Florida, Food, Living Conditions, Pensacola


  1. Ahhhhh, real french fries–not fried formed mashed potatoes. No wonder they were hard to resist.

    Comment by momcat | October 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Skin still on, crisp crisp on the outside, hot and soft on the inside, oh yummmm. And – astonishingly, I only had ONE. I still remember it . . . LOL!

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. Intlxpatr and AdventureMan :

    This should go really good with your falafel and Shawarma order . Enjoy

    Comment by daggero | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  4. Daggero, I was working on another post but AdventureMan was laughing so hard he couldn’t stop, he was almost hiccuping from laughing so hard, so I had to go see it for myself. I laughed too. It is hilarious. So hilarious I made it a separate blog entry and gave you credit (always a little desperate for material, but this is such GREAT material, LOL!)

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 24, 2010 | Reply

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