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The Jordan Valley Restaurant Opens at 9th and Bayou Boulevard

We’ve been waiting. Ever since we read in the papers that this restaurant would open another branch not too far from us (the first is downtown on Palafox and the second is on Navy Boulevard) we’ve been eager to visit the newest restaurant and wish them well. As you know, we love “Mediterranean” foods 🙂

First, the dishes take us right back to our earliest experiences eating out in the Middle East, when we lived in Jordan. The dishes are perfect!

For our first visit, on opening day, we were overwhelmed with choices, so we ordered a lot of appetizers, saving the swarmas and shish taouks for another day:

It was good. We couldn’t really eat it all, but it was fun having all those old familiar tastes. We hope they do well.

April 17, 2012 - Posted by | Eating Out, ExPat Life, Food, Jordan, Living Conditions, Pensacola

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