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Scam for today: Libya

In my e-mail this morning, another scam letter, this one purporting to be Libyan money. (If I were a scammer, I would hope I would write a scam letter which made more sense):


I’m sorry that this mail will come to you as a surprise, my name is Mr.Chris Allen and I’m the personal assistant to Former Libyan oil Chief Shukri Ghanem whose body was found dead in the Danube river near Vienna recently.During his office days I was sent for a mission in Accra Ghana to lodge a huge amount of money in the tune of $26million united state dollars with a private security firm for safe keeping/investment purpose, the fund in question belongs to Libyan investment authority (L.I.A).

Now this is where I am seeking for your assistance to help me secure/stand as the beneficiary of the estate related documents shall be transferred to your name as sole beneficiary for an investment in your country terms/modalities shall be discussed upon your reply, If you are to be trusted regards to confidentiality.

Once we open communication I will provide you with more details.

Expecting your urgent response.

Chris Allen

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“Are you Happy?”

(Thank you, AdventureMan, for this wonderful photo)

“Are you happy?” our little happy boy asked his Daddy, and burst into tears when his Daddy told him no, he was sad that his little boy was hitting his Mama.

It’s a funny age, two-and-a-half, discovering all the things you are able to do, no longer a baby. The happy little boy is learning to swim, and he loves running. He is in the midst of potty training. He gets to spend the night with his grandparents, and in August he will go to Cousin’s Camp! He is also not happy with limits – but then, who is? It’s a tough time to be a parent, or a grandparent, when this delightful little boy digs his heels in about an issue.

“The secret is to negotiate,” our son told AdventureMan over lunch. “You have to find a way that he can back down without losing. Distraction works, or a compromise that isn’t even a compromise.”

LOL; that’s exactly what I did with him! My Mother used to say “You’re the mother! Just tell him he has to do it because you say so! Make him mind you!”

In our nomadic life, I needed a child who would cooperate. When you cooperate, two – or more – people have to cooperate, that means the parent, too. Our son grew up as a part of a team that had to operate together for the good of all. We still operate that way.

My generation did things differently; we explained, we negotiated, we compromised, we listened. I look at our son, and his cousins, and I feel enormously proud; we raised a generation of outstanding adults who are wonderful loving and compassionate parents to their children.

I am happy. AdventureMan is taking the Happy Little Boy to swim lessons this morning, then to the Naval Aviation Museum, which the Happy Little Boy LOVES! And the Happy Grandmother gets to quilt!

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