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Pensacola Sunset

A bright deep pink sunset over the Bayou. Yes, it would be nicer if the tree and power lines weren’t in the photo (sigh) but sometimes the photo you get just has to do:

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AdventureMan’s Garden

It’s all about rebirth, transformation, and new life. Gardening is a discipline, and a spiritual endeavor. You can plant the seeds, you can tend the process, but only God can make those seeds grow and flourish.

AdventureMan is so happy. He loves his garden. No, he doesn’t love weeding (does anyone?) but he loves the feeling of satisfaction when he looks at a formerly weedy bed and sees that it looks great now. His moonflowers are starting to bloom, his tomatoes are starting to ripen, we are using 8 different kinds of fresh basil, he has bounteous peppers, enough to share generously – life is good.

Tomatoes and more tomatoes!

An abundance of jalepenos!

Pear tomatoes coming along:

This is one of his butterfly gardens. We have all kinds of butterflies coming through, laying eggs, and hatching into butterflies – Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries, Sulpher, Brown Beauties, many that he can name that I can’t!

He has been accepted into the Master Gardener’s program and is about to dazzle me with all his gardening expertize! 🙂

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