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The Season

Today I had a long list of things to do to start getting ready for our first house-guest of the season. God is good – the day dawned relatively cool, and the humidity is low. I could open the windows and let the cool breezes clean out the stale air-conditioned air we’ve been living with.

We had lunch at Taco Rock, an honest little Mexican food place we love, we are working our way through their menu. Today AdventureMan had tamales, which he said were really good, and I had the Pollo (chicken) plate. Delicious. We sat outside.

We sat outside. . . what amazing words. There are times when the heat in Pensacola is like the heat in Kuwait or Doha; it is so hot and so humid that it is like being slapped in the face. Today . . . we sat outside. It was wonderful.

Things really get cranking in Pensacola in October. The Ballet starts. The Symphony starts. The Opera starts. Every Saturday, there is at least one charity run/walk raising money. Last weekend was the Truck-Pull to benefit Ronald McDonald House (I think I remember that correctly) and the Greek Fest, and the Master Gardener’s Fun Fair, and the Butterfly House Celebration, and the Glass Pumpkin Patch frenzy, and the corn mazes are opening and an Impact 100 event – it is the season. Once the temperatures are regularly below 90°F every day, people start feeling human again and start doing things.

The Pensacola Christmas Parade is December 8th. We’ve taken the Happy Baby, The Happy Toddler, and I can hardly wait to take the Happy Little Boy. He will LOVE the noise of the police and fire engine sirens, he will love the lights and the beads and this year, he can scramble for beads with the other little children. Well, yes, you are right, as much as I enjoy how he loves it, actually, I love it and he is my good excuse to go. 🙂

Information on the Pensacola Christmas Parade 2012

I plan to enjoy these next few months cooler months as much as I can while they are here 🙂

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Discover Relaxing Riyadh

I still get ads from Jazeera airlines, although I no longer live in Kuwait and have asked them for three years to take my name off their mailing list. I have unsuccessfully unsubscribed like fifteen times; now I just have it all sent to spam.

But today, as I was looking over the spam to be sure I wasn’t emptying my box of anything important, I saw this:

Discover Relaxing Riyadh – استمتع بعطلتك في الرياض

LOL – Relaxing Riyadh. A group of the ad guys must have been rolling on the floor when they created that one . . . Or maybe they meant that apart from the spine-tingling traffic, there isn’t a whole lot going on in Riyadh, especially on the social scene . . .

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