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Season Finales Downton Abbey and Suits

How can it be? How can “seasons” be so short?? Last Sunday, we had an unexpected thrill as Downton Abbey went TWO hours instead of one, and then we had the unexpected downer of hearing that this week, tomorrow, will be the season finale.


Downton Abbey just started it’s new season! What is a season? Eight hours? Ten hours? No! No! We want more!

We watched Suits Thursday night, only to learn that this coming week is the finale episode of Season 3. Aarrgh! It seems like it’s only been on three weeks, but the website says 16 episodes . . . that cannot be!

AdventureMan asked me why some shows and not others? Why do we clear our schedules for Downton Abbey? Our recent houseguests were overjoyed to know we follow DA – as they do – and we happily tucked in Sunday night to watch the review of the last week’s episode along with this week’s two hours of Downton Abbey, oh, we were in heaven. 🙂 Downton Abbey is the big topic at aqua aerobics; Downton Abbey is the big topic at the women’s church circles . . . how does Downton Abbey create so many fans?

We have consolation to the loss of Suits and Downton Abbey; Survivor just started up again and we enjoy that on Wednesday nights, Southland just started up again on TNT and . . . “winter is coming.” We are holding our breath for the new Game of Thrones March 31st. 🙂


I’m guessing that the common thread that ties all these shows together is that 1) they succeed IMMEDIATELY in grabbing and holding our attention 2) they are filled with unpredictability; the unexpected happens all the time and 3) the main characters are flawed, and their flaws leave them vulnerable to the kinds of unpredictabilities that hold us enthralled.

What are your favorite shows – and why?

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  1. I really don’t like the way season 3 ended –Matthew dying in car crash is not acceptable!!!

    Comment by Shanna Carson | February 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. I was lucky, Shanna, a friend told me that the actor playing Matthew wanted to pursue other roles and to leave the show and that they would kill him off. I couldn’t imagine it, but I was talking it over with my husband over lunch, and I was so glad they let his see his brand new son and heir, and to tell his wife how much he loves her before he died. Real life is usually not so tidy. 🙂

    Comment by intlxpatr | February 18, 2013 | Reply

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