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Zemar Stranded in the Philippines!

LOL, I don’t have any friends named Zemar, and “all” she needs is $2550 wired to her as soon as possible!

Good morning,

I Hope you get this on time. I’m very sorry to bother you with my troubles but I’m in some terrible situation right now and need your urgent help, I know I didn’t mention anything about it to you but we are in trouble right now.

I’m stranded in Manila City, Philippines and need your help getting back home. I made a trip down here this past weekend but unfortunately for me, I was robbed at gunpoint at a taxi park. Everything I had on me including my phone, credit cards were all stolen, It was a terrible experience to go through but looking on the bright side, I wasn’t seriously hurt or injured and I’m still alive which is the most important thing. The good thing is that I still have my passport but I just don’t have enough money to sort my hotel bills and travel back home.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t have access to funds without my credit card since the robbers have my card now, I’ve made contact with my bank but it would take at least a week to get a new one to me. Please I would really appreciate if you could help me out here. I was wondering if you could help me with a quick Loan and I promise to refund you as I get back in two days time. All I really need is about $2,550 but if the whole amount can’t be covered, I would gladly appreciate any amount you can put in to help. Western union is the best way to get the funds to me. Please kindly let me know if this is possible so that I can provide my wiring details needed to make the transfer. Looking forward to hearing from you, I will check my email every 30 minutes for your reply because it’s the only way i can reach you.

Thank you

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FBI Operation Cross Country Rescues 105 Child Victims

From AOL News/Huffington Post:

The FBI has rescued 105 child sex-trafficking victims, FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko announced Monday.

The youngest of the rescued children was 9 years old, according to Reuters.

One underage victim told officials she became involved with prostitution when she was 11, according to CNN.

“Many times the children that are taken in in these types of criminal activities are children that are disaffected, they are from broken homes, they may be on the street themselves,” FBI Acting Executive Assistant Director Kevin Perkins said, according to the network. “They are really looking for a meal, they are looking for shelter, they are looking for someone to take care of them.”

Another victim, identified as “Alex,” told interviewers she became a prostitute at the age of 16, when she felt she had no other options to feed and clothe herself.

“At first it was terrifying,” Alex told interviewers, “and then you just kind of become numb to it. You put on a whole different attitude—like a different person. It wasn’t me. I know that. Nothing about it was me.”

The raids also resulted in the arrests of 150 “pimps” and other individuals, according to an FBI press release.

The rescues were the product of Operation Cross Country, a three-day nationwide initiative to aid victims of underage prostitution.

Operation Cross Country is a part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative, a joint program by the FBI, the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created to fight child sex trafficking in the United States.

Since 2003, the Innocence Lost National Initiative has netted the rescue of more than 2,700 children.

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