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“Extinct” Shark Found in Kuwait Fish Market

January was always the best month to visit the fish souk in Kuwait; cooler weather = less smell. One of my best memories is my friend who was living in Teheran going through with her camera, taking photos of every fish to show her husband – they didn’t get a lot of fresh seafood, and they missed it so much. It was January, it was cold – but so much less fish-y smelling than in July 🙂

This is from AOL News:

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 8.22.12 AM

A shark species previously thought to have been extinct was reportedly found in a fish market in the Middle East.

This is the smoothtooth blacktip shark, and the last time anyone ever reported seeing one was was in 1902 in Yemen. Scientists eventually labeled it extinct, or vulnerable to extinction in the 1980’s.

Then in 2008, the Shark Conservation Society took a trip to a fish market in Kuwait. They were looking at sharks and noticed one looked ‘very similar, but different, to a couple of other species.’ So of course they decided to investigate.

Further analysis confirmed it was in fact the smoothtooth blacktip shark.

But there’s more: Recent studies of Middle Eastern fish markets also counted as many as 47 more have been spotted.

Now this doesn’t mean the species is necessarily thriving, but it does mean scientists have a greater chances at learning more about the shark and possibly even ways to save the species.

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