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“Ambulances Chase Him”

Most local made ads are purely awful, or, at best, amusing because they are so awful – one time. Painful after that. This ad cracks me up every time. Imagine, a personal injury lawyer who has a sense of humor about himself:


April 14, 2014 - Posted by | Marketing | , ,


  1. LOL!

    (I have to say something though…he looks Kuwaiti!!)

    Comment by Razan | April 15, 2014 | Reply

  2. LOL! That had not occurred to me. But it is funny, there are a lot of Arabs just taken for granted here, so American in the second, third, fourth generation you would never know. The last names are also sort of Americanized. This guys last name is Irish – Maloney – but the truth is he could be from anywhere, he could be adopted, Maloney could be a name given by the customs guy when his family arrived and he (the customs guy) couldn’t pronounce their name and came up with an American approximation . . .

    Comment by intlxpatr | April 15, 2014 | Reply

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