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41 Years on the Road Less Taken

We’ve had an unconventional road, AdventureMan and I, with all our moves, and most of our lives spent outside our own country. We celebrate 41 years this weekend, and AdventureMan asked me where I wanted to go.


“How about Alaska?” I joked, since we have a trip planned there, and we will be going to lots of fun places. He’s used to my answers, my non-sequitors. He asked me if I wanted a diamond, and I laughed and said, “no, just let me buy houses.” We’ve done well.


“No! To eat on our anniversary!” AdventureMan protests, knowing I can draw a celebration out for days or even weeks.


He named off a couple really nice restaurants and I said “I want to go out to Nine Mile Road.”


He just laughed. We both love this little seafood restaurant he discovered, the Seafood Platter Deli, sometimes called the Gulf Coast Seafood Deli.  It is unique, the food is fantastic, it’s this genuine little place not like any other place I have ever been. It has a podium by the huge chalkboard menu on the wall, and on the podium is a book where clients write their prayer requests. Every morning, before they open the restaurant, the staff prays together.


I am awed by this. It blows me away. We live in such earthly times; few people are really focused on practicing their faith. We are all so tempted by the bread and circuses offered by our consumer-driven culture.


The last time we were there, they had added new doors to the kitchen. No, I wouldn’t want them in my house, but for a seafood restaurant? They are perfect, somebody went to a lot of trouble to make these doors.




“I was hoping you would want to go there,” AdventureMan admitted, and we grinned. There’s a reason we’ve been married this long; we take the road less travelled – together.

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Nick’s Boathouse: A Happy Surprise

Here’s the truth – we were really headed to 5 Sisters, but when we got there and saw all the people lined up and waiting for tables, we thought “uh-uh, not for us” and headed on down the street. We’d wanted to try the new Nick’s Boathouse for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity.


We like the interior. It has different areas where you can sit, not one great big interior where everyone can see everyone. We like the privacy.



This is a view of the bar area:00BarAtNicks

The outside area looks like a great place to sit on a nicer day, breezy and covered, or to have a party or celebration of any kind.


I’m a sucker for seafood bisque, and Nick’s has a really good seafood bisque00Bisque

AdventureMan says the gumbo is also awesone 🙂00NicksGumbo

The grilled chef salad was a total win for AdventureMan  🙂


And I adored the grilled salmon Ceasar 00SalmonCeasarNicks

On such a day, having such a good time, we can’t resist dessert, the molten chocolate, LOL and sadly, we tucked right in, neglecting to photograph it first. This is all that remains. Yes, we would do it again. 🙂00RemainderMoltenChocolateNicks

Nick’s Boathouse | 455 W Main Street Pensacola FL | (850) 912-8775


Nick’s is relatively undiscovered, so far. It’s not the see-and-be-seen kind of place that other downtown places – The Fish House, Jackson’s Steak House, Jaco’s, Global Grill – have become. . . yet. As of now, it is still quiet and private with great service. Go now, go quickly, before it changes into a go-to place with a line outside!


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Major Cause of Disproportionate Death in Each State

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