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Moonglow in Pensacola


AdventureMan and I believe in creating our own small adventures, so off we went, Saturday morning, to the Angel’s Garden Arts Fest on 12th Avenue in Pensacola. So many talented people, with so many things to see.

Yes, I bought something. Not something to hang on the wall, LOL, we have become more choosy as our collection has grown. No, I bought something to make my grandchildren GLOW IN THE DARK! LLLLOOOOLLLLL! I laugh when I think of their parents faces seeing their shining, glowing little faces!


I love it that this man has discovered a niche product that he can sell. No, we don’t need it, but oh, what fun!

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SOUTH; A South-of-the-Border, But Not Mexican restaurant in Pace/Milton

There is a new restaurant in Pace/Milton, there only a few months, and the flavors are south-of-the-border, without being Mexican. The owner is American, married to a Colombian woman, and she and her mother do the prepping and all the cooking, every day, and it is all fresh, fresh, fresh.


The tastes are fresh, too. Lots of vegetables, and fresh presentation.


The front of the menu:


This is what it looks like from the outside. It is in a small strip mall, just off highway 90:


This is what it looks like on the inside – very very clean and well kept:


They understand some of the food is a little strange for us, so they have explanations and photos on the walls:




I particularly love the designation for the ladies’ room 🙂


Now for the downside. AdventureMan and I each had different soups, both very different from one another and both delicious. Mine was more stewish, and his was more light. Then we split a main meal; it had like eight different items on the plate (we were so glad we decided to share!), things like roasted plantain and other veggies, pork, beer and rice. The downside is that we were so busy exclaiming and sampling that . . . I forgot to photograph the food. What was I thinking????? If you want to see some of the wonderful foods for yourself, check out their FaceBook page.

4865 HWY 90
Pace, Florida

(850) 910-4330

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The Fresh Breath of Fall and Bicycling in the Water

Our grandson is back in swimming lessons, and I have to admit, it is one of my favorite things to do with him. I get to pick him up at school and get him ready, then shower him down and take him home. During all that we have the most amazing conversations, and we laugh a lot, too. Yesterday he did something new, something he called “bicycling in the water” that we used to call “treading.” He had never done it before, and he was good at it. There are days when you are greatly blessed, if you only have the eyes to see it.



AdventureMan and I are having too much fun! We are in the midst of planning two smaller trips, and one larger trip. We call back and forth from office to office – “Have you looked at this place? It gets great reviews!” or “You could book that motel where I stayed when I went there with the birding group!”


The first trip we will take will be in conjunction with a conference AdventureMan will attend, and then we will head on into the southwestern wilds of Louisiana, tracking the Cajun Nature Trail, ending up in Houma after several days. We love knockin’ around with our binos and cameras on the backroads, love the moodiness of James Burke Country, True Detectives, the pure idiosyncratic nature of southern Louisiana.

The next trip will be in the other direction, back to a birding area through which the birds travel south when winter sets in.

The third – back to France! Wooo HOOOOOO!

Fall is kicking in in Pensacola, AdventureMan is out mulching and trimming up the garden, taking out a summerload of weeds, and I am grinning at a lowering utility bill. Even a few degrees difference make a giant reduction in the need for the A/C. I am smiling more; the humidity is lifting and I can feel cool temperatures around the corner. My favorite time of the year!

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