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Cotijas Taco Shop in Los Banos

On our long trip, we became aware of just how big our country is, so big that there can be miles and miles and miles before the next gas station, or the next lunch stop. If it is getting to be lunch, and you see that there may be a long stretch ahead with a minimum of stops, stop now. Buy gas. Eat lunch.

We knew we had better make the best of Los Banos, California, as it seemed there would be a long stretch before the next good stop. When AdventureMan spotted Cotija’s Taco Shop, it was a blessing.

It doesn’t look like much. It is a drive-up place, with just two or three outdoor tables. But they seemed to have a lot of customers, and the platters coming out of the kitchen were sort of awesome.

We ordered, and soon, more food than we could ever eat started to appear.

This is how you order, off the menu on the wall. The prices are amazing.


We ordered guacamole and chips to start; this is the best plate of guacamole and salsa we have ever eaten:


I ordered Tacos al Pastore; there was so much meat in the tacos I couldn’t even eat all of one taco:


AdventureMan ordered a combination plate and said he had to stop eating before he got sick, but it was so good it was hard to stop.


Not every dining experience is as sublime as the Ahwahnee, but sometime road food can be delightfully delicious!

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