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Santa Fe Hotel and Hacienda, Santa Fe

Twice in one trip I was able to totally WOW AdventureMan with a hotel. Seeing his face as we drove into the Santa Fe Hotel and Hacienda made my heart dance. Seeing his face as we checked in, surrounded by the smells of a wood-burning fireplace and the sounds of a solitary Indian flute playing and works of art everywhere put me over the top.

There are a lot of nice hotels in the arts-friendly city of Santa Fe. It was hard narrowing it down, but this hotel is majority owned and operated by Native Americans, and filled with Native American art, and I liked the looks of the rooms I could see online.

Just driving in to Santa Fe is a thrill. We love the desert-friendly adobe, we love walking friendly towns. We take one look at Santa Fe and we know this will be number one in the places to which we want to return, maybe with family and grandkids. This place is purely awesome.

Of course, it is Spring, and still chilly in Santa Fe. The big heat is coming 🙂

This is the exterior of the Santa Fe/Hacienda Hotel:


Sculpture at entry:



This is one of the landings where they serve coffee in the morning:


Another landing, each different, each beautifully done:




We spent the afternoon at the pool; we had it all to ourselves. It was pristinely clean. We also soaked in the hot tub in the glorious sun, but the breeze was cool so we were thankful for the nice bathrobes:


Sculpture by the pool:


The dining room at the Hotel Santa Fe’s Amayo restaurant. This was one of the best meals of our trip:



You can reserve the outdoor teepee for an evening of dining out Native American style:


AdventureMan loved his dinner, duck breast:

And anytime they serve grilled salmon on garlic spinach, I am delighted:


In the breakfast room the next morning, they had impressive buttery croissants as well as the normal choices:


Lots of seating areas; the lounge is also used for presentations on local history and culture for guests:








You get to Santa Fe, you park. You leave your car in the hotel and the Purple Bus takes you on a loop where you can get off anywhere you want, and it will come back and pick you up when you call:


We can’t wait to get back to Santa Fe.

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Trinidad, On the Way to Santa Fe

Leaving Denver, and Little Diamond, we have another gorgeous day:


After a couple hours driving, we needed gas and we needed lunch, and Trinidad is the only likely city showing on our map. Anything will do. We decide to give Trinidad a try.

As it turns out, Trinidad is a WOW, an unexpected surprise, full of beautiful architecture and dwellings.

We find a sign for a restaurant we might like to try, only to discover it is closed.

Next door to it, however, is a deli/restaurant, Nono and Nana’s, which is delightful:




We have a wonderful pasta meal and are on our way to Santa Fe, but Trinidad is now on our list to come back and explore more fully.

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