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Pensacola’s Pelican Tribute to Native Americans

We’re on our way to lunch at Portobello, the restaurant in the old jail, when AdventureMan says “Look at that Pelican!” and I had just spotted it at the same time. It is fabulous. It is on the corner at the Wentworth Museum and is a tribute to our First Nation inhabitants. It reminds me of Alaska, where the Haida art was mostly black and white, with just a tiny accent of red here and there, or occasionally a tiny bit of blue. I love this Pelican πŸ™‚


Different businesses and organizations in Pensacola sponsor Pelicans, and each one is different. At the main intersection at Garden and Palafox, the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines have Pelicans stationed. Local artists make the pelicans vibrant and unique. Love the pelicans, but I love this one at the Wentworth most of all.

October 16, 2015 - Posted by | Alaska, Arts & Handicrafts, Beauty, Community, Cultural, Fund Raising, Pensacola, Public Art, Quality of Life Issues


  1. What an amazing tribute! Downtown Pensacola has changed so much since I lived there (I moved away about 8 years ago). It’s good to see that the quirky art scene is still producing gems like this.

    This is Brantley of the Brantley Blog, by the way. Since you used to be one of my followers, I wanted to tell you that I’m working on a new blog called The Story in the Frame now. It’s an artistic collaboration between myself and my girlfriend (a photographer). I write short stories about her photos. Please check it out! Hope all has been well with you!

    Comment by The Story in the Frame | October 16, 2015 | Reply

  2. Good to see you here! You’ll have to come back for a visit, if it’s been eight years. You won’t believe the changes, and the vibrancy of the downtown Pensacola scene. Some major altruistic investors have belied the can’t-make-a-decision government and the Zoolander leadership and are making a real difference, starting with the Merrills and their go-to favorite Fish House Restaurant, and the Jackson Steak House, to Quint and Rishy Studers blocks of stores, small charming restaurants and affordable housing, along with a new YMCA, going up where the old Pensacola News Journal building once was. The streets bustle at lunch-time, and often Friday and Saturday nights, too. Of course, Pensacola remains a city with great parades. C’mon back and see for yourself πŸ™‚

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 18, 2015 | Reply

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