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Adrift in Anacortes

Totally by accident, we fell into one of the very best meals of our trip, and that is saying a lot, because Seattle is full of great food.

We were hungry. AdventureMan thought he had spotted an Italian restaurant, but it turned out to be Mexican – and closed. Across the street, though, we saw a continuous line of people heading into a restaurant called Adrift – Swell Food for Salty Dogs. We decided to take a look.



I want you to note the garbage can – another tip of the hat to Anacortes past as a canning town, an effort led by the same artist from the previous post, Bill Mitchell, who created more than 150 murals in the town. There are also several of these garbage cans, done to resemble classic canned fish from Anacortes. They are eye-catching.

One look at the menu – it is extensive – and we knew we could find something to like. Once inside, I was wow’ed by the copper-top bar, being kind of a copper fan. But could we even be seated?? It is Mother’s Day, we have no reservation, but we are happy to sit at the bar.



It isn’t easy to choose what to eat. There is so much on the menu, and we were in the perfect place to see it all coming out.



AdventureMan settled on their Salmon and Corn Chowder, and their Troller Tuna sandwich. The chowder was superior, awesome, and the tuna had little, if any mayonnaise, it was tasty and perfect.





I ordered the Steamers; little clams in a “drunken” sauce of white wine and garlic and parsley. It was DIVINE, served with foccaccia bread to sop up the clammy, garlicky wine broth. I haven’t been so delighted in years.


Because it was Mother’s Day, AdventureMan ordered a Blueberry Meringue pie. Well, as an Alaska girl, I really do love blueberries, but he really really loves meringue. We shared it, and we were both happy. They gave us so much of the real whipped cream that we shared it with our neighbors at the bar, a group of bikers (of the bicycling sort) enjoying their food as much as we enjoyed ours.


If you get to Anacortes, find Adrift, on Commercial Avenue, and eat there. It is purely fabulous.

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