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410-844-5516 Unsafe Caller

I’ve grown cautious; I do not answer a phone number any longer that I do not recognize. People who know me are good about leaving a message; I am good at returning those calls.

Today I got a call from 410-844-5516.  I checked it on my computer; several people have listed it as an “unsafe caller.”

We have little power against intrusions on my privacy, but it makes me feel good to publish this number reported as unsafe.

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  1. A new policy has been put into place outside the regular FOIA. If you or anyone are receiving calls from in or around or near any MILOP facility with close ties the FBI no one is safe from privacy invasions. If you or anyone in your family have a history, have been involved innocent or otherwise with Law Enforcement under recently enacted Laws you will be subjected to FOIA. Sorry, but we did this to ourselves by sending unstable representatives to govern our country. Welcome to the New USA!

    Comment by Whisper | January 22, 2017 | Reply

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