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Viking Forseti; Last Day and We Visit Arcachon

This is the one trip I had really looked forward to, a beachy area famous for seafoods, and mussels, and oysters. Arcachon reminds me of all beach towns, a little casual, often a little kitch-y.

We got on a bus for a 2 1/2 hour ride from Pauillac to Arcachon. This is the train station in Arcachon. You can see it is a beautiful day.

I snapped some of the houses just to give an idea of the beach aesthetic in Arcachon.




The harbor of Arcachon, where we caught our boat to to out to the oyster fields.

Loved this mercantile art!




“Noeuds” is not a word I am familiar with, but I love that, in the context, you can figure out what a lot of new words are, in this case, I speculate, “Knots.”


Not unlike the Gulf Coast we live on.


Oysters waiting for us . . hmm. . . in the hot sun . . .


Boats and oyster boats

Introducing us to the art of oyster farming.







Always a recommendation for an appropriate “pairing”





A mosque built for foreign laborers, but somehow it never worked out and it may be a church now.


We ate at this very crowded restaurant. Viking had set it up and we were so glad there were tables reserved for us. The place was PACKED. Viking had set up a lovely lunch for us, fish, with some sort of exception for vegetarians. On our way in, we passed people with huge bowls full of mussels! Mussels! We need to go back and eat mussels!


Oyster beds all over Arcachon Bay




Back in Bordeaux, people are getting ready for the famous Midnight Marathon.


Our last night on the Viking Forseti, and we get a thrill. We get to watch the bridge raise it’s middle section to allow a cruise ship to go through. Honestly, I held my breath. It seemed to me like there was a lot that could go very wrong . . .

We had our last dinner with our friends the four ladies turning 70, and it was a delightful, noisy, laughter-filled dinner. A great way to end a great trip.

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