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The Wrong Kind of Attention

Yep. If I wanted people to notice me, I would buy a yellow – orange car. Statistically, they are the easiest to see, and the color people most notice. Think fire trucks (in many countries, not here) and taxis – yellow grabs the eye.

Maybe that’s not enough. Maybe we want to be really really really sure people see us. Aha! Let’s put “Terrorist” on the spare cover, in big letters!


It got my attention.

I am guessing it is some band or something.

I am also guessing that it could get a lot of the wrong kind of attention. Yeh, some people just don’t have any sense of humor. Go figure.

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International Foods

My first trip to the Co-op to stock up on the basics – when I am gone, Adventure Man eats out or eats peanut butter and crackers, so the cupboard is bare! He very thoughtfully stocked up on skim milk for me, but beyond that, I am responsible.

I have a small, discreet camera but I wasn’t fast enough this time. One of the store people came over to me.

“Madam, why are you photographing this shelf?”

I told him I have a friend (well, aren’t you my friends?) and we were looking at ways the world is becoming more international.

“Look,” I pointed out to him, “here on this shelf you have Louisiana right next to India!”

I’m not sure he grasped the concept. I know he found it very weird that I was taking a photo of the shelves. Maybe he thought the Co-op had hired a mystery shopper (ho ho ho hohoho) and I was working for Quality Control?


By the way, now that I have started checking all my foods for country of origin, did you know that every can of tuna that we buy in Kuwait comes from Thailand? I have not heard anything about problems with quality control out of Thailand, not the same kinds of problems as with China, but they certainly are packing a LOT of tuna.

Even tuna branded “Americana” – wouldn’t you think a tuna branded Americana would come from America? Wrong! It is also canned in Thailand.

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Different Day, Same Sunrise

We didn’t have any luck with the Perseids last night – the sky was too hazy where we were. Did you see them?

I’m doing well with the jet lagging this time, except that I find myself wide awake around sunrise – and how bad can that be?

It was beautiful again this morning:


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