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Shrimping Season Begins

Did you miss it? The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources announced the beginning of the shrimp fishing season August 15th, upon the expiry of the seven month ban, from January 15 – August 15.

I checked the fish markets yesterday, and didn’t see any Kuwaiti shrimp, only Saudi farmed shrimp (which is also good, but farmed); I expect we will be seeing the good Kuwaiti shrimp soon. Oh, I have been missing Kuwaiti shrimp!

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Pensacola Kitchen Renovation

Woooooo Hoooooo! Our son just sent us photos from the continuing renovations on our Pensacola house.

Kitchen before:



Kitchen after (we are still waiting for the tile man to put in the new wall tiles)



You can hear nightmare stories about renovations gone awry – but you won’t hear them from me. We found a truly wonderful contractor, David Murphy of Tacoma Construction. He personally checks the quality of the work, gives accurate estimates, and he has good ideas to implement what you want done.

One day, as I was having the house interior painted, I could hear voices rising, and I felt a little concerned. I listened, and what they were discussing, with great heat, was just what exactly a certain verse from the bible meant. 🙂 We feel so blessed; they did their work well, and the work was completed in a reasonable time frame. And how did I find this gem? On the internet.

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