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57 Meth Producers Arrested in Escambia County







This boggles my mind – 57 people producing meth in a city with a population of around 50K. These people are driving cars, shopping in grocery stores, all mildly deranged, at best, by the drug they produce. I am delighted they have been arrested and I am appalled to know they were on the streets:



Written by
Eric Heisig


Fifty-seven people allegedly involved in two major meth organizations in Escambia County were arrested this week, federal and state authorities said.

The results of the mass arrests, the result of a seven-month investigation, were announced during a news conference Friday afternoon.

Seventy-six people on various meth-related charges were sought, Sheriff David Morgan said, and more arrests may be made.

Those arrested, many of whom were rounded up by 60 state and federal law enforcement agents that went out Thursday morning, were targeted as part of two major meth cooking and distribution networks located in north Escambia County, sheriff’s narcotics Investigator Kenneth Tolbirt said.

One is called “The Village Group,” is based at Lakeview and Forrest avenues in Cantonment, while “The Ayers Group” is based on Ayers Street in Molino, Tolbirt said.

The organizations had roles ranging from cooks to dealers. Many of those arrested in the past two days work as “smurfs,” and go purchase pseudoephedrine, a medication used to make meth, from drug stores, authorities said.

The bust comes in the wake of 12 people being indicted in federal court on Tuesday for conspiracy to possess and distribute pseudoephedrine.

Morgan refused to say what was confiscated in Thursday’s bust, citing the ongoing need to prosecute the cases.

State Attorney Bill Eddins said he has assigned two assistant state attorneys to oversee the prosecution of the cases.


Bravo to the Escambia County Sherrif’s office for the careful, painstaking work it takes to craft an operation like this and to execute it.

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