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Bonefish Grill in Pensacola for Saturday Lunch

Not a lot going on at Bonefish Grill on 12th Avenue in Pensacola, near the airport, at least at lunch time. We’ve been here on week-end nights when the wait is an hour or more for a table, but today, the place is almost empty.


We are seated, and service is, as always at Bonefish, superb. Some establishments really know how to train and how to maintain their high levels, and no one can ever fault Bonefish on service.


We went for appetizers and salads. Our son introduced us to Bang Bang Shrimp when Bonefish first opened, and it has been a big favorite ever since:




I had the Caesar Salad with grilled salmon – yummy, but not the best in town.00BonefishSalmonCeasar

Adventure Man had the house salad, which he said was delicious, but a little boring.00BonefishLunchSalad

Since we had filled up on Bang Bang Shrimp, we both had salad to take home with us. What is not to love about Bonefish packaging 🙂 just a nice little extra touch.


00BonefishPackagingWe were frankly disappointed. We had been happy to discover Bonefish open at lunch, but disappointed at the limited menu selections, and the lackluster appearance of the restaurant. There was another issue. Sometimes in Florida, in some stores you will smell a smell that I can only describe as “these floors were washed with dirty water.” AdventureMan does not smell it, but it is so loathsome to me that it spoils my shopping, and, in this case, my meal. There was a very faint smell of that not-quite-clean smell, and it distracted me.

As mentioned, the service was, as ever, superb but we won’t be hurrying back any time soon.

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