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Every Monkey Gets His Turn in the Barrel

Sometimes there is no one to blame, not even a way to blame yourself and things just go off track. We had such an experience coming to Baton Rouge, a sweet drive on a beautiful day.

We had called the day before to tell them we would not be arriving that day, but we had already paid for the room and we asked them to hold it, that we would arrive the next day. After five hours on the road, we were eager for a chance to settle in and relax before AdventureMan headed off to his afternoon sessions.

The room wasn’t ready. The room we had paid for, and expected to be held, was not held. We were on the “wait list”, the snippy, disrespectful girl at the executive desk told AdventureMan as I circled the crowded parking lot, desperately seeking a spot. I curse you, big ass trucks who park over the line! I curse you, arrogant drivers who take two spaces when you park!

AdventureMan calls me; you do not want a call from AdventureMan when things haven’t gone his way and he cannot make his will dominate the situation. We decide the best strategy is to go to lunch.

(see entry for Ninfa’s Mexican restaurant)

After lunch, we try again, softly talking with the desk clerk, Scott, who is helpful. He takes pity on us, and finds us a room which is ready, and accommodates us. He soothes us. AdventureMan heads off for his garden talk and I head off on a reconnaissance mission – I have seen there is a huge mall nearby with a Macy’s. I find it, and some other wonderful places for the next day’s adventures, and then, on my way home, I get another call from AdventureMan.

He is fuming. I hadn’t answered his call because I was driving, no matter, he kept calling and texting “call me!” until I could find a red light and call him.

He heard loud chords of a band starting up. Very loud. He went to the band and casually asked them how long they would be playing, and was told from six to ten. He went to the desk and asked for a room change, and was told the hotel was full. (He also mentioned that he was SO glad to have been helped earlier, as there was a huge line waiting for rooms at 4.)

“We need to change hotels!” he started and told me the whole story.

“I’m almost there!” I responded, but it took me another ten minutes to find a parking place.

By the time I got to the room, he had calmed down – a little – and had found a wonderful place to go for dinner. We heard a few chords – actually not bad – and headed out for a wonderful dinner at Al Basha’s, and it was a total mood changer 🙂

When we got back, the band was blasting, and we are one of the nearest rooms to the band, and the hotel is full of people around our age, but the truth is, the band was pretty good, and we had some shows we like on cable, and they really did quit at ten, well before we turned out the lights.

When things go not-quite-right – and that happens to everyone – I just sigh and say “every monkey gets his turn in the barrel;” I guess it’s sort of karmic, but bad things happen, they happen to everyone. This was not earth-shaking bad, just annoying, not going smoothly bad. We will never stay in this hotel again, even if the conference is held here again; there are lovely hotels nearby in Baton Rouge.

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  1. AdventureMan and my hubby are alike. No patience for incompetence, especially in the service sector. I’m more like, let’s just roll with it and it’s all good (or not but, we’ll deal).

    Comment by momcatwa | October 23, 2014 | Reply

    • LOL, some people just have high expectations, don’t they? I admit, from time to time I have wanted to wring a neck or two, but I also can usually think of extenuating circumstances, like “oh, they have all these complaining customers” (particularly the airlines) and I try to keep the outcome I want in mind, and proceed accordingly, trying to catch those flies with honey . . .

      Comment by intlxpatr | October 27, 2014 | Reply

  2. AdventureMan O Adventureman

    This is a sign from Heaven

    It’s time to get that Winnebago that you have put off for the last god knows how many years

    Intlxpatr :

    He did not like the band because they did not play his favorite piece


    Comment by daggero | October 23, 2014 | Reply

  3. Daggero, they blocked your plug in! I don’t know what it was!

    At one time we thought about RV’s; we used to camp a lot. I’m not big on cooking and cleaning under the most primitive conditions; I want a vacation, too. And – have you seen the price of gas in the United States (0)(0) (big eyes popping out)? When you figure the cost per mile, and groceries, and hook-up fees, etc, sometimes it just isn’t that great a bargain. The cool thing is being able to park and sleep where others can’t go, but the other side is not being able to go some places where smaller vehicles can go . . . it’s a trade-off.

    Comment by intlxpatr | October 27, 2014 | Reply

  4. intlxpatr

    the blocked music piece is “Hail to the Chiefs ”

    i get to see the vidieo from my side ????

    Comment by daggero | October 27, 2014 | Reply

    • I just downloaded a new version of FlashPlayer; that may have been my problem. BTW, AdventureMan loved your comment, even without the video 🙂

      Comment by intlxpatr | October 27, 2014 | Reply

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