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Beautiful Weird Thanksgiving

This was a beautiful, wierd Thanksgiving for me. It’s one of the very rare Thanksgivings that Adventure Man and I have not been together. He was down in Florida, at an all day eating, playing and visiting fest with our son, our son’s wife and her family. He shucked his first oysters, and was told he had better keep his day job.

I am in Seattle with my Mom, and we went to my best-friend-from-college’s house. It turned out to be one of the sweetest Thanksgivings I have had. As we sat down at the table, my friend said that in her house it is tradition to go around the table and to tell one thing you give thanks for. I found that incredibly moving. You have a glimpse into another person’s heart when you tell what you are thankful for.

And the food! Oh my! All my good resolutions, all my good intentions, down the drain – the food was SO good.

I took some photos to share with you:

The Veggies and the Salmon-Spinach Dip (oh WOW)


Making the world’s most tasty gravy, with fresh sage and thyme:

Carving one of the world’s most perfectly cooked turkeys:

The dining table – just before the carnage:

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