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Lack of Resistance

I can feel it starting. I walk into the Mall and my senses go into overload. The colors, the lights, the decorations, the window displays – I am starting to pant with eagerness.

I’m not even a mall shopper! I am just killing time waiting for the Apple shop to open . . . but oh! Look! The Macy’s Christmas shop is open. And oh my! They are having a two hour sale, 40% off!

I have no resistance. I am like a moth to the flame.


I had to take this one for Purg:


I can’t stop taking photos! I’m in sensory overload!


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Not Your Kuwait Starbucks

All the Starbucks in Seattle – there is one on every corner, and sometimes on TWO corners of the same crossroads – are tarted up for Christmas. They have special Christmas blend coffees, they have Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte, and they have all these adorable Christmas theme cups, and hot cups, for your home and for your car:



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Amsterdam Sights

Walking into the airport in Amsterdam was – for a change – fun. They have Christmas decorations up, and my eyes are starved for Christmas. Well . . . . looking now, I see the huge Camels banner through the decorations. Bah! Humbug! These are “holiday” decorations.



And then these! I have never seen such large packets, nor such enormous warnings:


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