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The Fish

You know how I love public art. These fish are amazing with the early morning light on them:


A close up – one has gone entirely iridescent!


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The Pier

Walking out onto the great fishing pier, early in the morning, you see all kinds of things. It is brrrrrr, cold, and before we take another early morning walk, we will have to buy hats to cover our ears, and gloves, and maybe a scarf. The morning is brisk, there is only a light wind, but it is still cold, beyond refreshing, it is brrrr cold!

Seal pups are so vulnerable, and so cute, people have to be reminded to leave them alone:


This pier offers free fishing opportunities to hundreds of people – even on a chill morning, there are die-hard fishermen and women:

And as a courtesy, the city provides cleaning stations where your catch can be gutted and cleaned:

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Do You Know These Men?

Adventure Man and I took an early morning walk along the waterfront – a week gone from Kuwait and we are still jet lagging, awake at 5 a.m. and it is a great time for a walk. As the sun comes up in the east, the moon is setting in the west, out over Puget Sound. At the pier, we see this poster:


This was an issue when I was here last summer, for Mom’s birthday. Security has tightened on the ferry runs.

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