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AIDS Killing Democracy in Africa

HIV affecting African democracy
By Martin Plaut
BBC News

One in nine South Africans is HIV infected
A new study shows that Aids may be killing elected officials in some southern African countries faster than they can be replaced.

The report says the disease is killing these countries’ most active citizens thereby undermining their democracies.

South Africa’s Institute for Democracy study comes as the country’s third conference on HIV/Aids opens.

South Africa has one of the largest HIV infection rates, with 1,000 people dying of Aids-related diseases a day.

You can read the rest of this very sad story at BBC News/Africa.

I haven’t seen statistics on the rate of HIV/Aids infection in Kuwait recently, but I would suspect, in a community with stringent sexual codes and a huge bachelor population, the rate is rising astronomically. If what we read in the paper is true, the most highly infectious kind of sex, anal intercourse, is practiced frequently, with or without mutual consent.

Be careful out there.

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We were having a big film fest in Pensacola, and five minutes into The Prestige my son asked me if I knew how it was going to end.

This started a long time ago. They think I am amazing. Most of the time, I get it right. Sometimes, with Law and Order, or CSI, there is a twist I hadn’t thought of. I read a lot of mysteries and . . . there is a secret.

Don’t go any further if you like NOT knowing how a show is going to end.

Here is the secret. A movie or a TV show only has a limited amount of time to tell the story. You can figure that most of the information they give you is significant. Like in Law and Order, a lot of times it’s one of the people they originally interview, even if they came off well in the interview. (Those guys have gotten more and more tricky, though, and it gets harder to figure out all the time.) Listen for something that could be a lie.

The Prestige suffered a little from it’s own arrogance. They TELL us right at the beginning what the story will be, what the twist is, and how it will be accomplished, if you are watching closely and thinking “why might this be important?”

My son had already seen it. I told him “this, this and this” and he didn’t say anything, just said I had to see if I was right. Hee Hee heee . . . I was. And he was so poker faced I didn’t know how blown away he was that I had figured it out.

You can, too.

And if you haven’t seen The Prestige, it is a very good movie. It appears to be coming to Super Movies sometime soon.

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