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Happy Birthday, Big Diamond

You were the one with all the courage, you were the one who never understood the word “no.” With your big, sunny smile, you went ahead and did just exactly what you pleased.

“Watch me! Wheeeeeeeee!” you shouted as you jumped out of the swing, breaking your arm.

“This is how you do it!” you yelled, sliding on the ice down the long wooden walk, falling and breaking the other arm.

Nothing stopped you. You look the impossible in the eye, and you spit.

And all these years later, you still do! You are the most amazing woman, indominable, unstoppable. You set a high standard for all the rest of us, with your energy, your clarity of values, and your generousity of spirit.

And today, your birthday, will also be the christening of your first grandchild.

How amazing, how wonderful. You are in my thoughts, dear sister, and I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

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Souk Mubarakiyya Art Fun

It’s no secret. I love the Souk Mubarakiyya, and I love all the handicrafts shops, the jewelry shops (it’s no sin! It’s also a handicraft!) and the food stalls. I even love the fish market, and the dark, seedy shisha place that looks like it is out of some bad movie.

Here is one of my favorite pieces of public art in the market. Not because it’s good, it isn’t. but it is a lot of fun. When you take guests to the souk, you can position one of your guests in front of the woman, and it looks like he/she is part of the market scene.


Magical Droplets says she is inspired, and has grabbed her camera to start shooting.

It’s summer. Not a lot going on . . . so here is my challenge to you, Kuwait Bloggers. Grap your camera. Show us the beauty you see, the beauty of your community, show us the beauty of Kuwait, even in the scorching, crispy heat of a Kuwait summer.

And please come back here and tell us when you’ve posted, so my non-Kuwaiti readers can also click through to take a look at what you see. Keep your camera handy – you never know when a perfect photo will come up.

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