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Power Stations in Kuwait

I love public art. My little village in the US holds an annual Arts Festival, and part of the proceeds from this highly successful festival goes to fund public art. You can see some examples here: Public Art – October

Kuwait also has public art. I believe these squatty, square, non-descript buildings are power relay stations – and look what they have become! Once you start seeing them, you see them everywhere, and every one is different.

I love it that they are whimsical, and that some artist gets paid to design and paint all these stations! They reflect a respect and reminder for Kuwaiti traditions.




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Today’s Weather in Kuwait

This if for my non-Kuwaiti family readers:

Today, the weather forecast is for 118° F (48° C.) but it will cool down tonight to 91°. 😉 The weather for today is described as “blowing widespread dust.” Yesterday and the day before, we watched as sparkling mornings turned to blowing dust in a heartbeat. One minute you can see for miles. Five minutes later, you can’t see the car in the driveway, and the laborors are wearing scarves over their faces, with just a tiny slit to see through. I don’t remember it being this way last year.

Looking out at the Gulf, you can barely see where the horizon is – it just sort of blurs. I thought it was pollution, but it may be sand moving in.

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