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Alphabet Tag! You’re It!

A: Available or single — Definitely taken.

B: Best Friend — My college buddy, Alison, through thick and thin. But there are a whole band of good buddies out there. You know who you are.

C: Cake or pie —Pie, Rhubarb or Blueberry

D: Dance or exercise — Either, as long as there is laughing.

E: Essential Item — My laptop

F: Favorite color — Blue / Purple

G: Gummy bears or worms — Gummy Bears, red ones.

H: Home town — Kuwait and Seattle.

I: Indulgence — I still date my husband.

J: January or February — Both! Two of my favorite months in Kuwait

K: Kids — The hope of the future. I love their questions.

L: Life — God willing, we get the life we were created to live.

M: Marriage — Partnership

N: Number of siblings —2

O: Oranges or apples — Apples fresh from the tree, or refrigerated, cold and crispy

P: Phobias — Zombies, wild bear, things that would kill me without thinking twice about it.

Q: Quote: Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with a cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. Mark Twain

R: Reasons to smile — 180 degrees of Gulf view

S: Season — Autumn – love the coolness, the hint of cold to come, the freshness and new beginnings (school starts).

T: Tag 3 people: No surprises: Skunk, Zin/1001 Nights and Little Diamond

U: Unknown fact about me — My niece thinks I am an artist; I think I just have a craft.

V/W: Worst habit —I am very focused and I really really like being alone.

X/Y: Your favorite Food — Pacific Northwest Bouillabaisse, but fish soup in almost every culture.

Z: Zodiac —Aquarius – that’s why Elijah and I tag each other.

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Real Simple

It’s a quiet Friday morning and we have time to loll around before we have to get ready for church. I am focused on writing a tough entry for my blog and Adventure Man is on the couch, paging through a magazine, Real Simple.

He starts reading from an article called “Is he driving you crazy?” which lists the top five complaints of women, and then men:

He’s not affectionate enough.
He doesn’t listen to me.
He doesn’t help around the house.
He raises his voice when we argue.
He never talks about tough issues.

She’s trying to control me.
She objects when I need time alone.
We don’t have enough sex.
She criticizes me.
She treats me like an idiot.

The whole article, with all the expert solutions, is available HERE.

Two of them cracked us up.

Her Complaint: He’s not affectionate enough
Expert: Even though your partner loves you, he might express his feelings differently. Generally speaking, “men feel closer when there’s sex. For women to feel affectionate, there has to be talk.”

His complaint: We don’t have enough sex
Expert: The impulse to get romantic declines for most couples but “men are more likely to feel an urge for sex,” says (expert). “Once women get going, they enjoy it but often they don’t have the same initial urge they might have had as teenagers.” So if he’s rushing you to bed, let him know that you’d like to cuddle and talk a bit first . . . If your needs are truly mis-matched, talk about how many “relations” you’ll have in your relationship. Ask “What’s your ideal range of frequency per week? If he says three to five, and you say one to three, then aim for an average of about three times.”

Here is what got us rolling with laughter – my husband is a consumate negotiator. It doesn’t matter what the reality would be, he would up the figure. So like he might say “30 times a week” knowing that half that would be twice a day. It wouldn’t matter that he really doesn’t want sex twice a day, he would have sealed a deal that guaranteed him sex twice a day IF he wanted it.

But he knows my tricks, too, and moments later he is showered, shaved, he smells wonderful AND . . . he is making the bed! He totally knows how to get what he wants.

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Kuwait Couple and Police

This is a very strange report from the Daily Star. There was a similar report in the Thursday Kuwait Times, which claims there were two couples. Is there a police blotter where newspapers get their information, or do they use inside sources? The stories in each newspaper have different details, and sometimes the details vary significantly.

Culprits Freed, Cop Detained

In a very strange incident, the head investigator at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Police Station has ordered the detention of a first sergeant and released two persons who humiliated the policeman, reports Al-Anba daily.

A police source said the first sergeant arrested a 22 year old man and a 41 year old woman who were inside a car parked in the Abul Hasaniya at 2:00 in the morning, and asked them to hand over their identification documents but they refused to heed the policeman’s request.

The threatened to harm the first sergeant and dismiss him from service, but later handed over their IDs to another policeman who rushed to the area after receiving a call from the first sergeant.

The two persons were released and the policeman was detained but Director of the Security Directorate in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Brigadier Mostafa Khan and his assistant Brigadier Ibrahim Al-Tarrah ordered the immediate release of the first sergeant and referred the case to another investigator.

My comment: I cannot begin to figure out what happened in this story. It could be a hundred different things. The woman could be in the car with her son, escaping from an abusive husband. Or they could be unrelated and naked. There are endless possibilities in between those extremes. We don’t know.

The sergeant could be doing his duty and unjustly punished by superiors using wasta, or he could have exceeded his authority and been let to skate. We don’t know.

Stories like this in the papers mystify me. It all depends on the “police source” and his particular bias.

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