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Last night, a woman walked by our cabin out to the slight hill in front, and she was there for about an hour. I got a clue. My phone had zero bars on it, but when I walked to the top of the ridge, I had one bar.


Well, I learned this morning, trying to call AdventureMan, it is one bar IF you are exactly in the right spot, IF you are standing with the phone in the right direction and IF the call goes through. We had one of the shortest phone calls we have ever had, me standing out on the ridge trying to maintain the connection.

The motel also advertised wi-fi, but as it turns out, it is only in SOME cabins, not all the cabins, and not our cabin.

Being disconnected is not really so bad, but I DO like to talk with my husband once a day . . . and I do like to chat a little with you!

It rained as we drove here, but we have lived in Washington State long enough to know that a little rain on the way has nothing to do with how it is going to be once we get here. We’ve had sunny weather, and last night, around 4, I looked outside (I am sleeping with the window open so I can hear the surf) and there was a little cat stalking a mouse, and all the stars in the world – it was wonderful!


Here is where we had lunch yesterday. My Mom said “you can’t show that to your friends in Qatar and Kuwait, that we ate in a BAR!” but the bar was what was available, and it was pretty shabby, but served a great Prime Rib dip sandwich. They have a lot of business – there aren’t a lot of eating places around here. Mostly, we have brought food with us, but we like to eat out from time to time. No, no photos of the Prime Rib dip; I left my camera in the car.

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