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Not Seattle

Just looking at these photos, it would be easy to think I was still in Seattle. It gave me a big grin. The rest of my group were still shopping, so I took a few “not-Seattle” shots:

Look! Salmon!




Looks pretty PWN to me, except maybe he needs a sweatshirt!



OK, here’s your big clue:


And here is where we ate really good Chinese food (no, sorry, no photos!)


We had spring rolls and crab wontons, then Hunan Beef, Orange Shrimp, Dali Chicken and Cashew Chicken with steaming hot green tea. After Iftar, you can read P.F. Chang’s Menu here. 🙂

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Leaving Seattle

It’s hard to leave. The last few days have been filled with pre-departure must-dos – spending time doing some things with Mom, seeing old friends I won’t see again for a while, packing (aargh) and preparing for the next leg of the journey.

I have an early flight, early enough that I zip right through Seattle, and there is no one to check my car in at the drop off place and I have to trundle over to their rental location to turn in my mileage, etc. Aargh again.

From there on, however, everything is smooth. It is a beautiful day, and leaving Seattle is a gorgeous departure:





I arrive just in time to capture the sunset over the Bayou in Pensacola 🙂


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