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Seattle Rain

After several gorgeous days at the beach, Mom and I planned to leave the beach at 9:30, but found ourselves ready early, and it’s a good thing. We got on the road and got home before the big Labor Day weekend traffic got started in a big way. We got caught in a little going through Tacoma and Seattle, but you can get caught in traffic in those places any time, and it wasn’t grid-lock, just a little slowing down and bunching up.


Now, it is seriously raining. It doesn’t rain continuously, it will lighten up and then all at once, the skies will just open and the rains pour down. I still have my window open – the rain makes such wonderful sounds. You can hear it hitting the leaves of the large-leafed trees, you can hear it gurgle through the down spouts, you can hear light, tinkling drips hit an empty big can . . . it is a symphony of soft sounds.


Sunday morning in Seattle is like Friday morning in Q8 and Qatar – QUIET.

It’s no accident that Seattle is home to so many great coffee vendors – and is so full of coffee shops. The perfect activity for a rainy Sunday in Seattle is coffee and this:


A new mall! I think I am back in Kuwait!

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For my fellow book lovers – this is what the headquarters looks like. A long time ago, it was a veteran’s hospital, then it was de-militarized and Amazon bought it. They have a lot of other locations and warehouses, but this is the central Amazon, overlooking Seattle and I-5.


No lives were endangered in the taking of this photo – it’s Labor Day weekend, and the traffic was stopped on the highway, inching north, as I took the photo.

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