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Lunch at Las Maracas in Ocean Shores

“I’ve never been to Ocean Shores!” my Mom says brightly. (I know what is coming.) “Have you ever been to Ocean Shores?”

Yes. oh yes. When I was at university, we would all rent a big chalet during Spring Vacation.

“Yeh . . . I don’t remember it being that great,” I reply.

She didn’t mention it again, but I knew she wanted to go, so yesterday we decided to take an excursion to go to Ocean Shores.

I remember back when there seemed to be a lot of (generated) excitement about Ocean Shores. It’s like someone had bought this big hunk of land and wanted to develop it and started making it sound like if you don’t buy a vacation lot at Ocean Shores, you are going to be really really sorry because ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE GOING TO BE THERE!

I think mostly it was cold and rainy when we were there during Spring Break. What I remember the best was my friends taught me how to make a casserole out of taco chips and ground beef and taco sauce, with grated cheddar cheese. It tastes really good (all that salt) and it probably has zero redeeming nutritional value.

Holding that memory dear, after Mom and I toured the big nothing that is most of Ocean Shores (the entire “north beach” coast is pretty undeveloped, very old timey, honestly, I love it) and visited a schlock-shop, oops, tourist shop, so Mom could spend a little money, we found Las Maracas, which actually served very decent Mexican chow.


No, I didn’t drink beer – I’m driving, remember? And Mom would just fall asleep if she had a beer at noon.

I put my camera on the table so I would remember to take food photos, but not before I had taken a couple ‘location’ shots:


Someone had a ball with the upholstery:


And then the nacho chips came:



The servers yell “Salsa, por favor!” into the kitchen, and determinedly call us “Senyora” or “Senyoras,” out on this remote Washington State coastal resort area.

And then I totally forgot the camera on the table because my seafood tostada came, and it was so unbelievably delicious – shrimp, crab, fish – that I ate it all and then said “oh no! I forgot to take photos!”

Mom was still picking through her Camarones al mojo de ajo, so I got a shot of that:


This restaurant was worth the drive to Ocean Shores.

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Reflection of Sunrise

As the sun came up this morning, the mists were gone, the air was clear and clean and it was like the world was all washed clean.

I loved the pinkness of the waves rolling in:



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Misty Afternoon, Beach, Log and Seagulls

One of the best things about being at the beach is being at the beach – just being there, just feeling the sand between your toes, grabbing a beach book (mine was Philippa Gregory’s The Other Queen) and listening to the steady rolling roar of the waves hitting the beach . . .

As I strolled down to my favorite log yesterday, it was weirdly magical – the sun was shining bright, and there was this huge MIST rolling along the beach. It wasn’t cold, it was just magical and weird. I took a few shots of mist and beach and log:




Maybe this is what’s left from the seagull’s fish yesterday?




So I crawled up on the log and was reading my book and I hear a sound . . . and out of the corner of my eye, I could see a seagull land, like 5 feet away. I didn’t want to move too much and scare him, so I took this photo:

Yes, I had to hold the camera upside down, but then, slowly, slowly, I turned right side up, as more and more seagulls landed, groomed, and went to sleep. I guess I must have found the beach hot spot:




I quietly slid off the log to head back to the cabin, telling them not to worry, I meant them no harm. They didn’t flicker a feather:


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Equestrian Car Sticker

Thought you might get a kick out of these stickers:


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Today’s Gas Station

I didn’t know they still made gas stations like this, but this is where we bought gas this morning. And . . . my rental has a small little tank, so I’m not paying big bucks for the gas, but . . . neither am I paying 80 cents a gallon like in Q8 and Qatar:


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