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Qatar May Pardon SOME Traffic Violators

Even in Seattle, I see people on their mobile phones while driving – even in law-abiding Seattle. It doesn’t make sense to have a law that is not enforced.

It would be interesting to do the smart thing – do a study of the most common accidents, see who the violators are, see how often mobiles were at fault – talking or texting – and penalize the violators. But . . . that would mean equal-before-the-law enforcement. (Sigh.)

Some traffic violators may be pardoned
Web posted at: 9/1/2009 3:6:48

DOHA: The Traffic department is thinking of waiving penalties imposed on some traffic violators to mark the Holy month of Ramadan.

Participating in a question and answer session, Mohamed Saad Al Kharji, Director, Traffic Department, said here that the other day the department was looking into the cases of some violators who may be forgiven to highlight the spirit of Ramadan.

Replying to another query on the ongoing traffic violations, including using mobile phones while driving, Saad Al Kharji admitted there are a growing number of similar incidents. “Taking an on-the-spot action against these violators means creating chaos and confusion on the roads in every five minutes. But some time, we do that to create an awareness among the motorists about the violations,” the official said.

Some participants suggested that the department make a crash course on Qatari law and its traditions mandatory for all expatriates applying for a driving licence.

The government has been consistently trying to increase traffic safety awareness among motorists in an attempt to reduce the number of traffic accidents. 

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